Lowcountry Aquatic Project Swimming - LAPS is a swimming initiative targeted at teaching life saving swim skills to all K-1st grade children in the Charleston area by building a community of swimmers who can enjoy the environment in which they live.  LAPS helps fund underserved children in diverse communities by providing free transportation, instruction, and swim aids for the learn-to-swim programs. We have partnered with CCSD, CCPRC, and the cities of Charleston and North Charleston Recreation Departments to teach free school-year swimming curriculum to students. Both cities provide free pool space.  LAPS only teaches during the calendar school year.

Our Story

LAPS is an outreach program of the The Logan Rutledge Children's Foundation that was established in 2004 in the loving memory of Logan Rutledge Jennings who was born July 30, 2001 at the Medical University of South Carolina, and after a courageous battle, died on August 26, 2001.  The foundation has raised over $200,000 over the years for programs that promote health and welfare for various children's charities. LAPS is now benefiting from this organization as well. "As children of the Lowcountry are surrounded by water, we want to introduce a safe and fun way to teach swimming, which is why we are focusing our efforts on helping fund underprivileged children with these learn-to-swim programs," said Mark Rutledge, LRCF President.

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Why Learn-To-Swim Programs are Vital:

  • 9 people drown each day in the U.S.
  • In ethnically diverse communities, the youth drowning rate is more than double the national average.
  • Nearly six out of 10 African American and Hispanic/Latino children are unable to swim, nearly twice as many as their Caucasian counterparts.
  • The key indicator in this was not race, but family -- Children from non-swimming households are eight times more likely to be at-risk of drowning.
  • While about 1/3 of white children from non-swimming families learn to swim, less than 1/10 of children in non-swimming African American families do.

LAPS is a member of Swim Safe Lowcountry, an alliance of water safety organizations within the Lowcountry.